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VersaTREK® microbial detection media is based on an enhanced media formulation that delivers unparalleled versatility, broad range recoverability, unique response growth curve, VorTrexing™ agitation, unquestioned reliability and simple ease of use.


para-JEMVersaTREK® Media

  • Proven versatile media system consists of two formulations:
    VersaTREK REDOX 1® (aerobic) and VersaTREK REDOX 2® (anaerobic)
    • The blood culture bottles are available in two volume formats:
      • VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 – 80 ml
      • VersaTREK REDOX 1 EZ Draw® and VersaTREK REDOX 2 EZ Draw® – 40 ml
      • REDOX EZ Draw is the ONLY FDA-cleared, controlled, true, direct measured draw. For more information on EZ Draw, click here.
  • Unique VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 media promotes gas production and consumption
  • Novel VorTrexing™ agitation, created by a tiny stir bar in each VersaTREK REDOX 1 with Stir Bar bottle, continually mixes the sample and broth to improve oxygenation for more effective organism detection
  • VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 media uses dilution and timing to detect microbes instead of costly specialized additive media
  • VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 provides an optimum blood-to-broth ratio (1:9) environment as a more natural and scientifically sound solution to minimize the potential ill effect of host blood factors, antimicrobials, and other agents
  • Screw caps on VersaTREK REDOX media allow easy access to specimen while reducing the risk of needle-stick injury
  • Intuitive design of VersaTREK instrument and algorithms accommodates the loading of unidentified REDOX bottles without compromising recovery
  • Two-bottle REDOX media system eases decision making, simplifies inventory, and reduces costs

VersaTREK REDOX Manual Media

  • Easy and convenient sampling, including the only FDA-cleared true direct-draw bottle
  • Reduced costs by eliminating the need for separate collection devices
  • Adherence to all regulatory and CAP guidelines


What is VorTrexing?
VersaTREK REDOX 1 with Stir Bar aerobic bottle contains a tiny stir bar allowing for continuous mixing of the sample and broth. When an aerobic bottle is placed into the VersaTREK drawer location, a rotating magnet under each bottle captures the stir bar and initiates continuous, uninterrupted mixing throughout the cycle. VorTrexing’s unique agitation concept improves oxygenation of the broth for aerobic organisms when compared to simply rocking or shaking.

There’s nothing standard about VersaTREK...Designed for better recovery, simple ease of use, improved patient care, and greater value.

VersaTREK’S Unique VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 Media Promotes Gas Production and Consumption

  • VersaTREK relies on unique VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 media to promote both gas consumption and production for detecting changes in headspace pressure
  • The two-bottle VersaTREK REDOX system works together, providing essential nutrients in an ideal environment and promoting growth of a wide range of fastidious and non-fastidious organisms

VersaTREK’S REDOX Media Provides an Optimum Blood-to-Broth Environment

  • Utilizing dilution and timing, VersaTREK’s REDOX media eliminates the need for special additives or special media
  • VersaTREK REDOX 1 and VersaTREK REDOX 2 serve as a natural solution to minimize the effects of host factors and antimicrobials

VersaTREK’S One System Design Performs 4 Tests on 1 Platform
  • Blood and Sterile Body Fluids — Only two formulations, VersaTREK REDOX 1 aerobic and VersaTREK REDOX 2 anaerobic bottles, are needed to support the growth of a wide range of organisms.
  • Mycobacteria Testing — Only one formulation is needed for detection and recovery
    of mycobacteria from all samples. The same technology is utilized to measure changes in headspace pressure. Patented cellulose sponge material provides greater surface area. Direct probe testing is FDA cleared.
  • Mycobacteria Susceptibility Kit — Remains the only automated method cleared by the FDA for Mycobacterium tuberculosis susceptibility testing. The kit includes Rifampin, Isoniazid, and Ethambutol.

VersaTREK Saves Time and Expense
  • No specialty media required! VersaTREK REDOX media accommodates draw samples from 0.1 - 10 ml
  • Using the two-bottle REDOX system simplifies inventory and reduces costs
  • REDOX media system supports delayed entry for up to 24 hours
  • REDOX media recovers more episodes with less bottles
    • DRG reimbursement is allowed on episodes detected NOT on the number of bottles positive (also known as “isolates”)
    • Extra episodes detected = improved patient care/outcome = enhanced economic optimization
    • VersaTREK’s comprehensive detection technology + superior REDOX media = potential for extra episodes

There’s nothing standard about VersaTREK...Designed for better recovery, simple ease of use, improved patient care, and greater value.

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