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VersaTREK = Versatility
Meeting all the needs of your laboratory
for Mycobacteria Detection and
Susceptibility Testing


VersaTREK® Mycobacteria Detection & Susceptibility Testing

Redefining Mycobacterium Detection and MYCO TB Susceptibility Testing

  • Reliably detects a wide variety of mycobacteria species from ALL specimen types
  • The only system with a simplified media format allows culturing of ALL specimens in one bottle type
  • Ability to perform additional confirmatory tests directly from the culture bottle, including smears, subcultures and direct DNA probes, user-friendly and saves time!
  • Unique growth matrix, via the addition of distinctive cellulose sponge material in the myco bottles, provides better recovery of ALL Mycobacteria species
  • High bottle throughput, permits capacity of 4,600 samples in a single VersaTREK 528 model*
  • Comprehensive (FDA-cleared) full line of primary Mycobacterium tuberculosis antimicrobics

* Based on a 42-day protocol at 100% capacity.

TREK Media Product Number Specimen Type Specimen Volume
VersaTREK Myco 7111-42
(50 bottles/box)
Blood, Sterile body
fluids, Processed
Up to 1 ml**
VersaTREK Myco GS 7112-42
(5 bottles/box)
Myco Growth Supplement N/A
VersaTREK Myco
(5 bottles/box)
Myco Antibiotic Supplement N/A
VersaTREK Myco AS 7114-42
(5 bottles/box)
Myco Antibiotic Supplement N/A
VersaTREK Myco
Susceptibility Kit
7115-60 Rifampin, Isoniazid,
VersaTREK Myco PZA Kit 7116-70 Pyrazinamide N/A
** Highest inoculum for any system.

Mycobacteria Detection and Susceptibility Testing Using VersaTREK

VersaTREK detects mycobacterial growth by automatically monitoring (every 24 minutes) the rate of oxygen consumption within the headspace of the culture bottle. A positive growth response is reported via a visible and audible positive signal by the system. VersaTREK combines a liquid culture medium (VersaTREK Myco Broth), a growth supplement (Myco GS), and, for potentially contaminated species, an antibiotic supplement (Myco AS or Myco PVNA*), with a detection system that automatically incubates and continuously monitors culture bottles inoculated with specimens possibly containing mycobacteria.

VersaTREK Myco Susceptibility

The VersaTREK Myco Susceptibility Kit consists of three primary antituberculosis drugs – Rifampin (1 µg/ml), Isoniazid (0.4 µg/ml and 0.1 µg/ml), and Ethambutol (8 µg/ml and 5 ug/ml).

PZA (300 µg/ml) is also available, providing convenient and simple testing of first line susceptibility testing for M. tuberculosis.

* Myco PVNA should be used when delays greater than 8 hours are expected before processing.
VersaTREK 240 Model
Bottle Capacity
VersaTREK Configuration Maximum Annual Myco Bottle Volume** Instrument Product Number
96 850 6240-04
144 1,250 6240-06
192 1,650 6240-08
240 2,100 6240-10
** Based on maximum 6 week incubation.

VersaTREK 528 Model
Bottle Capacity
VersaTREK Configuration Maximum Annual Myco Bottle Volume** Instrument Product Number
336 2,950 6528-14
3884 3,350 6528-16
432 3,750 6528-18
480 4,200 6528-20
528 4,600 6528-22
** Based on maximum 6 week incubation.


Proof in Performance
Performance Characteristics1,2

Isolation of Mycobacteria in VersaTREK/ESP from 3001 specimens was compared to the “Gold Standard” 460 radiometric broth system in a multi-center study. Of the positive cultures, 84% were recovered in VersaTREK/ESP and only 74% were recovered in the radiometric broth system.

For more information, please refer to the VersaTREK Myco Technical Insert.

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1 Gail Woods, et. al. Clinical Evaluation of Difco ESP Culture System II for Growth and Detection of Mycobacteria. JCM, Jan. 1997, p. 121-124.
2 TREK Diagnostic Systems, data on file.


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