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Setting the Global Standard for
Automated Microbial Detection.


VersaTREK® Instrumentation
VersaTREK was named for its VERSATILITY. Four tests can be performed on one platform:

Blood Culture
Sterile Body Fluids
Mycobacteria Susceptibility Testing (FDA-cleared since 1999)

In Designing VersaTREK, We Kept the Best and Built the Rest
VersaTREK’s enhanced ergonomics and convenient bottle management provide optimal staff efficiency and convenience.

  • VersaTREK’s Any Bottle Anywhere Concept affords maximum instrument utilization... as simple as ABC!
  • VersaTREK’s on-board color LCD screen provides One Touch access to bottles, graphs, and patient information
  • VersaTREK’s intelligent design, utilizing new VorTrexing™ agitation, delivers the best media and instrument combination
    • What is VorTrexing? Each REDOX 1® aerobic bottle contains a tiny stir bar allowing for continuous mixing of the sample and broth. When an aerobic bottle is placed into the VersaTREK drawer location, a rotating magnet under each bottle captures the stir bar and initiates continuous, uninterrupted mixing throughout the cycle. VorTrexing's unique agitation concept improves oxygenation of the broth for aerobic organisms when compared to simply rocking or shaking.
  • VersaTREK’s modular design offers the highest capacity range in the industry with 96 to 528 testing locations, accommodating the laboratory’s changing capacity requirements
  • VersaTREK’s reliable instrument design allows for easy serviceability with access to serviceable components from the front of the unit and 24/7 on-line modem linkage support

Why Settle for Less?

VersaTREK, with its modular design, unique Any Bottle anywhere Concept, and new VorTrexing agitation, provides the best solution for the demanding challenges of today’s diagnostic laboratory.

There’s nothing standard about VersaTREK...Designed for better recovery, simple ease of use, improved patient care, and greater value.

VersaTREK's Advanced Ergonomic Design and Simplified Bottle Management Improves Efficiency

  • From one position, the operator has access to all drawers and bottles ensuring easy placement of any bottle, anywhere, anytime
  • Ergonomic drawer height reduces the need to stretch, stoop, and bend when entering bottles
  • Conveniently located bar-code reader allows for one-handed easy motion bottle loading
  • Multiple system status indicators – light LEDs on the unit, drawer fronts, and testing locations (top and bottom) – ensure accurate monitoring
  • Onboard color LCD screen provides One Touch access to bottles, graphs, and patient information

VersaTREK’S Versatile Instrument Design and Any Bottle Anywhere Workflow Concept is Built for Today’s changing Laboratory Demands

  • Offers choice of two models with customizable capacity and drawer configurations
    • 240 Bench Top Model – With a capacity of 96 to 240 bottles, the 240 model accommodates 7,000 to 17,500 bottles/year
    • 528 Model With a capacity of up to 528 bottles, the 528 model accommodates 7,000 to 38,500 bottles/year
  • Drawers may be added in increments of two to meet the laboratories changing needs
  • Any Bottle anywhere Concept, makes bottle loading as easy as ABC!
  • Provides easy front access to all electronics and components
  • Graphical data output assists with diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • On-line modem linkage provides rapid on-line customer support 24/7
  • One instrument performs all tests

VersaTREK’S Comprehensive Data Management System captures and Displays Each Patient’s Growth response Curve Graphs using the Onboard Color LCD Screen
  • One Touch graphic interface provides rapid access to positive bottles, negative bottles, bottle alerts, and instrument status information
  • Screen viewing of patient information, time-to-positive, growth measurement graphs, and much more is readily accessible
  • Extensive reporting capabilities include workload, contaminant, bottle status, and culture summary reports, just to name a few!

VersaTREK’S One Touch Access to Bottle Graphing and Patient Information Simplifies Data Reporting
  • Analyzes collected data points with internal algorithms that create curves for easy interpretation
  • Curve analysis with time to detection is readily available
  • Patient graphs provide detailed audit histories during the testing cycle
  • Multiple patient graphs (up to 10!) may be viewed on a single screen

There’s nothing standard about VersaTREK...Designed for better recovery, simple ease of use, improved patient care, and greater value.

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