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Meeting all your laboratory's safety needs.

TREK puts Safety First… with VersaTREK® EZ Draw® Culture Media



Your Safe Choice, with Low Risk of Contamination, From Start to Finish!

  • EZ Draw is the ONLY FDA-cleared, controlled, true, direct measured draw
  • EZ Draw provides easy and convenient sampling
  • EZ Draw reduces the risk of sharps by eliminating the need for syringe, butterfly, angel wings, and other blood transfer devices, decreasing the risk of needle-stick injury
  • EZ Draw lowers costs by eliminating the need for separate collection devices
  • EZ Draw maintains a natural dilution ration of 1:9 without the need for specialty media
  • EZ Draw adheres to all regulatory and CAP guidelines

VersaTREK® EZ Draw is the only FDA-cleared, controlled, true, direct measured draw bottle on the market. Accommodating up to 5 ml of blood, EZ Draw is available in a 40 ml broth for both REDOX 1® aerobic and REDOX 2® anaerobic bottles. Time-to-detection and overall recovery for EZ Draw media have been shown to be equivalent to TREK’s 80 ml media.* The convenient EZ Draw bottle format can be used for safe, measured and automated monitoring of direct-draw blood samples.

Inoculation Made Easy With EZ Draw®!
Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Label bottle with appropriate patient identification.

  2. Wipe each bottle septum with a suitable disinfectant. Discard the wipes.

  3. Lower the patient’s arm to a vertical position when using the EZ Draw bottle and multi-draw adaptor.

  4. Perform venipuncture.
    CAUTION: If blood does not flow into the EZ Draw bottle, remove the bottle immediately and replace it with another.

  5. Allow the bottle vacuum to draw 5ml for either EZ Draw REDOX 1 or EZ Draw REDOX 2. (When blood flow in to the bottle slows, remove the bottle from the patient's arm.)

  6. Remove any residue from the bottle septum using a suitable disinfectant. Discard the wipes.

  7. Gently tip the bottles to mix thoroughly.

  8. Discard blood collection set.

There’s nothing standard about VersaTREK EZ Draw... Designed for Safe
Collection, Safe Processing, Safe Testing, and Safe Disposal.

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* Evaluation of the EZ Draw Aerobic and Anaerobic Broths in the ESP Blood Culture System, M.A. Wring, C.B. Bartley, R. Firstenberg-Eden, and N.M. Sullivan, 1993 ASM General Meeting



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