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The FIRST Broth Microdilution Plate for Antifungal Susceptibility testing Now Available with Caspofungin


YeastOne® with Caspofungin* (Part #YO-7)

Winning the Fight Detecting Antifungal Resistance

  • Colorimetric alamarBlue® agent provides reliable, easy and consistent endpoint determination with visual reading or with SensiTouch®

  • Seven antifungal agents yield low cost per test compared to traditional macrobroth dilution tests for Candida sp.

  • 24 month, room temperature storage eliminates inventory control concerns

  • Individual packaging allows laboratory to test one plate at a time with no waste

  • Inclusive on scale QC ranges provide immediate quality assurance of testing methodology

  • Easy set-up procedures eliminate time consuming macrobroth dilution alternative

Additional Information

Antifungal Agent Dilution Range µg/ml

Amphotericin B 0.008 - 16
Caspofungin 0.008 - 16
Fluconazole 0.125 - 256
Itraconazole 0.008 - 16
Ketoconazole 0.008 - 16
5-Flucytosine 0.03 - 64
Voriconazole 0.008 - 16

* Available outside the USA only.


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