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Setting the Global Standard for Accurate Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Sensititre ARIS® 2X

Sensititre ARIS 2xThe Sensititre ARIS 2X is a fully automatic, bench-top incubating and reading system that reduces workload and speeds the laboratory routine. ARIS 2X fits onto the AutoReader and uses an internal barcode scanner to identify each plate type, assign the appropriate incubation time, and when this assigned time has elapsed, transport the plate to the AutoReader –with no manual intervention.

  • 64-plate capacity allows user to load any MIC, breakpoint, or identification plates for a combination of 192 possible tests on a single instrument

  • Heated carousel individually incubates all plates to ensure optimal growth conditions and elimination of test repeats

  • Plate-specific barcodes provide automatic inventory to allow user to load or unload tests at any time, in any location




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