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Sensititre OptiRead Announcing the FDA-Cleared OptiRead™ Automated Fluorometric Plate Reading System
Provides fast, accurate plate reads, maximizing consistency and eliminating manual reading.
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Sensititre AIM Introducing the FDA-cleared AIM™ Automated Inoculation Delivery System
Quickly and accurately doses most 96-well plates, eliminating both skipped wells and costly repeat tests.
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AlamarBlueDon’t Sacrifice Sensitivity for Stability!
alamarBlue® is the only stable resazurin-based product with extended incubation times
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News Bulletins
  > Sensititre System Expands Extensive Antimicrobial Offering with FDA Clearance of Ceftaroline, a New Antimicrobial Used to Treat MRSA and Gram Negative Infections, for Susceptibility Testing on Sensititre MIC Plates

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  > Rapid Identification and MIC Susceptibility of Candida Species Utilizing Brilliance Candida, RapID Yeast Plus System and Sensititre YeastOne Panels

  > Thermo Scientific Sensititre Susceptibility Plates: Inoculation and Aerosol Containment Study

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